Catalogo de equipos
Principal tpm
2-Positest(banana) abc
3-Adherencia pint y carton
4-Adhesion pull off
5-Ultrasonico Utg
162-Ralk Mexico
161-Digital micrones
227- Lo mas nuevo
6-espesores FT
15-Norson B115
8-Kits pintura
10-Dew point(hygrom)
11-Posipen A157-
12-DF-KTA lupa anclaje
13-Textex p.anclaje
14-Pw-0918 Perf ancl
16-Brillometro 60ª
17-Colorimetro dig.
18-Cabina luz-color
19-Impactometro dual
20-Mandril conico
21-Ford con Base
22-Copa Zahn
23-Humedad maderas y concreto
24-Densitometro TBIQ
25-Densitometro TQ+
26-Pignometros 100cc
27-Balanza 50 Kgs dig
28-Balanza 2000 grs
29-Balanzas econom.
33-Vernir Mecanico
34-Micrometro Ext.digi
35-Vernier dig.Interiores
36-Calibradores soldadura
37-PCWI voltaje
38-PCWI de esponja
56-Rugosimetro TM-TR200
57-Rugosimetro TM-TR110
59-Dureza TH-1100
60-Durometro webster
61-Durometro Shore
66-IR -35-500°C
67-IR -50-750°C
68-IR -50-1000°C
69-IR -50-1600°C
70-IR 500-3000°C.
75-IR 35-500°C.
76-Localizador Subterraneo
77-Dect.metal y cables
78-Medidor Dist A2-A8
87-Aceites Cannon,Brookfield,Garner
88-Viscosimetros brookfied
90-Grindometro Acero cromo
91-Termometro bimetalico 0-150°.
104-Hygrometro TE-1365
105-Humedad y temp
110-Medidor camp magnetico LTEMF-827
111-Conductividad economico
112-Medidor watts
113-Analizador poder
114-Medidor oxigeno
115-Probador agua
116-Medidor sal
119-Refractometros Manuales
120-Refractometro digital
121-Manometro dig.LTPM9100
123-Humedad suelos
124-Sutherland ink rubtester
126-Humedad en cueros
127-Humedad en pajas
128-Reloj hygrometro
130-Medidor de vacio
131-Maquina lavabilidad
132-Abrasimetro taber
133-Abrasimetro arena
134-Lupa de inspeccion
135-Lupa con luz 20/300 x
136-Medidor tonalidad opacidad
137-Pantone RAL K
138-Aplicador automatico
139-Lenetas distribuidor
140-Rayador ISO
141-Rayador DIN
142-Pelicula Humeda 115
143-Muller 2000
144-Finura NPRI(TINTAS)
145-Humedad superficie
146-Humedad digital
147-Medidor de sal
148-Espesores en polvo dig
149-Medidor dig vidrio
150-456 elcometros
151-355 Elcometros
152-Espesores 311
153-Hygrometro carraca
154-Termometro 312,313
155-Termometro superf
156-Publicaciones defectos
157-Manual sspc
158-Datapac economico
159-Tiempo secado
160-Equipos viscosidad
161-Higrometro matraca
162-Pantone Mexico
163-Lamparas graphiclite 100
164-Hand hand coater RK
165-K control coater
166-Handproofer Rk
167-Handproofer automatico
168-Varillas RK
169-Phmetro HI98129
170-Phmetro HI9811-0
171-Delhorst humedad
172-Crayones dinas
173-Guantes anticorrosivos
175-Equipos Artes graficas
176-Utg Caracteristicas
177-Microscopio 10-100 x luz
178-Microscopio metalografico 40-400x
179-Microscopio monocular 36xal
180-Microscopio esteroscopico
181-Microscopi esteroscopico portatil
182-Oculares varios
183-Microscopios economicos
184-Bascula 0-75 kgs
184-Jarras graduadas
185-Viscosimetro con aire
186-Medidor distancia econ
187-Lampara Holiday
188-Twin-Task® 3C-UV
189-Medido oxigeno dis y aire
191-Probador voltaje
192-Cuchillas adherencia
195-Dinamometro SH
198-Pirometros Ir/eco
200-Mtto preventivo
202-Taber economico
203-Odometros Dig.
204-Flexometro digital
205-Detectores gas Bw
206-Equipo Concretos
207-Pachometro Analog
209-Equipos Pinturas
210- Espesores 200
211-Medidor laser micras
212-Detectores Holiday
213`-Perfil de superficie
216-Medidores Gases
217-Otros Equipos
218-Termometros IR
219-Equipo cobb
220-Equipo AgroIndustrial
221-Dinamometros 2009
222-Dinamometro LLZ
225-alcoholimetro AG
237-Termometro 50-150ªc.
228-Radiometros UV
229-Camara/ salina B117
230-Humedad arena
231-Localizadores varilla
232.Laray Viscosimetro
234-Camara envejecimiento
235-Mayron Mexico
236-Lector de huella digital
237-Etiquetas uv
238-Ligas promocionales
124-Sutherland ink rubtester


Only Tester Used In Establishing ASTM Designation D 5264 Standard Test Method
For Abrasion Resistance Of Printed Materials By Sutherland Rub Tester



The tester is a motor driven instrument for moving a weighted test strip over a printed specimen through an arc. The Sutherland Rub Tester has been redesigned to improve its operation. James River's corporate research and development laboratories did extensive testing of the Sutherland Rub Tester. The result of this work is an affordable abrasion testing instrument that retains all the features that made it an industry standard plus improvements that ensure it will remain the industry standard.

The stroke of the tester has been shortened which increases the precision and more closely simulates abrasion damage found in the field. James River research and other published work in the print abrasion testing arena have shown that quick strokes simulate some types of rub damage (most notably shipping damage).

The Sutherland®2000™motor now has four speeds; the first speed (21 cycles per minute) is half the speed as the older models, which will make the "wet" tests, and tests using under 5 strokes easier to perform. The second speed (42 cycles per minute) are the same as the older models, while the fourth speed (106 cycles per minute) is faster. These new improvements will allow the customer the ability to customize the testing procedure more to their individual product, yet maintaining the ability of duplicating a procedure used by someone with an older model unit. The higher speeds will reduce the long test times needed for certain types of substrates (plastics, UV varnished, printed films, etc.).

The Sutherland®2000™ incorporates a digital counter with a fiber optic sensor to ensure the accuracy of the number of rubs for a given test. Simply enter the number of rubs desired and the instrument will stop automatically at exactly the correct number of strokes.

Improved Sutherland Ink Rub Tester
Illustrated is the Sutherland Rub Tester showing two-pound and four-pound weights to which test specimens are attached and the scoring device.

The upper receptacle of the timer is for remote timer control. The lower receptacle is the same voltage as the instrument. 110 volts single phase is standard. 220 volts optional at extra cost.

A single mounting pad for the test strip is now cut to fit the weight. It was found that precision of the test is increased by using a 2 inch (5 cm) by 4 inch (10 cm) pad on the bottom of the weight . Two pound and four pound weights and scoring fixture are included.

A supply of 80 x 80 count bleached muslin cloth (cloth not included) has been found useful in testing wet smear, wet rub, and wet bleed.
The Sutherland Rub Tester is designed to evaluate the scuffing or rubbing resistance of the printed or coated surface of paper, paperboard, film, etc. The test results are reproducible.

The following tests may be made with the instrument:

  • Dry Rub
  • Wet Rub
  • Wet Bleed or Transfer
  • Wet Smear
  • Functional Rub


Test Specimen

The test requires two pieces of stock, the printed test specimen and a test receptor, which is usually unprinted. Cut a test specimen, approximately six by three inches, representing average ink lay and coverage. When the printed area permits, the six inch direction should be cut across the grain of the sheet, but must not cross pressed or cut scores.

Prepare test strips of unprinted material from the same shipment of stock used in printing the test samples. Cleanly cut 2 x 7 inch strips for the four-pound weight are prepared by placing a strip face down against the end pin of the scoring device and scoring the strip at the white dot positions to facilitate bending the strip to conform to the test block.

To prepare samples for the two-pound weight, 2 x 5-1/4 inch strips are placed face down against the end pin of the scoring device and score at the red dot position to facilitate bending the strip to conform to the test weight.


Available items
Item Number Item
AB-0103 Complete instrument 110 volt, 60 cycle, 1 phase, four speed unit comes equipped with a two-pound weight, four-pound weight, and a scoring fixture
AB-0106 Complete instrument 220 volt, 50 cycle, same as above
Note: Surge Protector is required with this product. (not included)
Replacement Parts
AB-0112 Heated weight (optional) 2 lbs.
AB-0114 Heated weight (optional) 4 lbs
Replacement Pads
AB-0121 New Style: 1 pad (base) 2-5/8" x 6" and 2 pads (weights) 2" x 4"
AB-0123 Old Style: 1 pad (base) 2-5/8" x 6" and 4 pads (weights) 1" x 2"
AB-0129 Silicone Pad (for heated weight)
NOTE: For optimum results, pads should be changed every six months.
Additional replacement parts and accessories are available
Reference: "The Improved Sutherland Rub Tester" by Dr. Bruce Blom, Senior Research Fellow, Mead Central Research Laboratories, Chillicothe, OH
Because of the simplicity of the tester, it is currently being evaluated as a means for assessing the drying, degree of cure, and solvent resistance of inks as part of ASTM's subcommittee D-01.56 on printing ink activities.

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